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If you go back to the history of toys, soft toys that era began back in the 19th century. The most popular at the time was "teddy bear." It should be noted that the history of the emergence of this toy is very interesting and exciting. And it happened in 1902 in America. One day President Roosevelt went hunting. His aides caught a huge bear and invited the head of state that he shot the beast. But when they arrived, Roosevelt refused to fulfill this honorable mission, since in his opinion it was not fair and not sports. This story immediately got all American publications, where her owner, and read one of the toy stores. It occurred to her idea to create a bear figurine made ​​of ivy, called "Teddy." The first copy was put in the windows and immediately found its owner. Thus these bears have become very popular and in demand, first in America and then around the world.

That's teddy bears have become popular. They began collecting and factory specially produced limited editions. Currently there are more than twenty museums soft toys. It is worth noting that teddy bears were written more than 400 books, most famous of which, of course, is a fairy tale written by Alexander Milne called "Winnie the Pooh" on the basis of which it was removed a lot of cartoons that brought this kind of toys even more popularity. By the way, in our online store toy-enjoy, you can buy a stuffed toy Ukraine cartoon about Winne the Pooh. You can do it here.

Of course, a hundred years ago afford teddies could not everyone. But nowadays, things have changed and now buy toys and products at an affordable price can be. Although, of course, and now there are craftsmen who made ​​individual toys for the order and the price is much higher. But nowadays, when you can buy the materials yourself, making individual and original toys ceased to be a problem, so they can even be done by hand at home. And if you do not have time, just pay attention to our store soft toys. Here you can easily pick up soft toys for boys and girls, navorozhennyh goods and toys in the bathroom or in the crib.

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