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"Paw Patrol": rescue vehicle with a figurine Racer
(Code: SM16601-1 d)

Price: 709.00 UAH
Manufacturer: Spin Master
Age: from 3 years old
Country of manufacturer: United Kingdom
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Щенячий патруль, рятувальний автомобіль з фігуркою Гонщика Щенячий патруль, спасательный автомобиль с фигуркой Гонщика Купить полицейскую машину гонщика из Щенячьего патруля Купити поліцейську машину гонщика з Щенячого патруля


What kid does not dream since childhood to become a racer, have a cool car racing toward adventure ?! Almost everyone! Therefore, a wonderful gift for the brave and courageous rescue vehicle will be the guy with the figure of riders from the beloved and well-known cartoon "Paw Patrol".
Racer - one of the most loyal to their cause rescuers; copes with any tasks Zeke Ryder. Undoubtedly, to help him always come true friends, heroes patrol puppies: Fortress, Marshall, Sky and others. Racer true to duty and service firm carries his motto in life is: "Save in need of assistance, and not to let the team." The new "bow-wow job" racer just a joy! He boldly sits in his bright blue compact (14 cm long) car into gear and rushes to the aid of those who need it so. Collectible figurines favorite character is small, only 7 inches, but it is interesting that the legs and head are movable puppy. After the game with movable lifeguard will be much more fun, and the rider will be a real friend to your baby. The machine is equipped with a lifeguard additional details for a more interesting game - special fencing elements that make it possible to identify the scene, as well as allow as soon as possible to resolve the current problem situation. Hurry to order figurines Rider and his friends from the "Paw Patrol" in our online store and give their children suddenly, for no reason! Your little dreamers worthy of the best toys! Enjoy your shopping!



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