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Machine Micro Chargers (in stock)
(Code: MC27021)

Price: 59.00 UAH
Manufacturer: Micro Chargers (Moose Enterprise)
Age: from 6 years old
Country of manufacturer: Australia
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Machine Micro Chargers (in stock) Machine Micro Chargers (in stock) Machine Micro Chargers (in stock) Machine Micro Chargers (in stock)


Make racing micro machines Micro Chargers even more exciting by adding new machines. In our online toy store you can buy cars Micro Chargers at a low price and compatible with all tracks like racing and stunts, or even glowing. Line of micro cars micro-chargers consists of two types of machines, namely:- Micro machines racing - excellent acting on closed loop track, combining high speed, cornering stability and a long operating time recharging. From the other cars easily distinguished by the blue colour of the bottoms and on the packaging contain blue label and the words "Race". Are supplied with most tracks Micro Chargers, such as the track "Crash test" .Micro machines tricks - ideal for performing complex stunts such as riding through a loop or jumping. They are quickly gaining speed and dollsee her hold, and also preserve stability in the jumps or the loop, but because it's a little faster discharged. Trick micro machines equipped with track Micro Chargers loop . These machines are easily recognizable by the red plate, and their packaging has a red label with the inscription "Stunt".Despite all of the above differences, any micro servos can be used on all micro chargers tracks, trick machine an excellent job with the part in circuit racing and micro racing cars are also able to perform tricks. All above-mentioned types of machines are available in an assortment of this order by any convenient method type of micro cars and the desired color..



Jers, 28.10.2014
There is not enough words to express my gratitude for your helping
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