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Bowling bag, 300 mm
(Code: JBB-07-2(B))

Price: 1789.00 UAH
Manufacturer: Safsof
Age: from 3 years old
Country of manufacturer: Thailand
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Imagine that in order to play bowling, you need to choose the time, the track order, pre-make a phone call, go to the mall and the like. Certainly, walk and rest in bowling club elevate mood, relieve tension, allow to forget about the problems and have fun with friends or relatives. But often, especially in the winter cold in the evening, many are trying to organize a holiday at home. To it was not passive, may even need to purchase any sports game, for example, "Bowling bag 300 mm."

Production company Safsof take care of your leisure time, creating high-quality and affordable game "Bowling bag, 300 mm" for all family members. It is important to remember that the delivery of the game in Ukraine is absolutely free! Rules of the game are similar to real bowling, though it fits all in a small backpack with a zipper. The kit consists of ten games pin (30 cm) and two balls (diameter 15 cm), which are made of foam rubber. The whole essence of the game is that the ball must shoot down ten pins installed in the form of a triangle. The game is designed for children from three years old, and for adults. "Bowling bag, 300 mm" - a great way to active, sports and useful and much-needed health Activity. Children play can be seen as a chance to win the game at mom or dad, receiving a lot of fun for adults the same - it's a great method of logic (as Ball hit once and knock down all the pins at once), dexterity, endurance, repetition of the laws of physics and algebraic calculations. By purchasing this game, you are no longer a question of leisure activities, because the game will not bother you at once, like many others, on the contrary, the excitement of winning will beckon you to play again and again.

Remember that sports games - a necessary and indispensable feature in your apartment, because the sport - it's health, and health - it is nothing like life. To prolong your life, playing, you successful purchases!


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