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Table game "Jolly Ball"
(Code: 7070)

Price: 619.00 UAH
Manufacturer: TOMY
Age: from 5 years old
Country of manufacturer: Japan
TOMY Series: Play to Learn
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веселый шарик томи купить 7070 весела кулька Томі купити 7070


Fascinating board game "Tricky Ball" is a very exciting and a long time interest of the child. In the course of this game you have to find a way for the ball through tricky maze placed on the playing field. You can control the game with the help of various levers that are on the front panel. First, the ball will have to overcome the rolling track, which the child is driving forward it directly to the rotational crane with a magnet, which will take him straight to the Spreading joists. Overcoming this obstacle, the ball lands on a sloping platform, moving where it is necessary to roll it to the other end, to the bridge that will carry him to the hopping steps. Galloped which he jumps into the ring and slide into a maze made in the form of a tunnel, closed at the top, so hold on it without looking at the ball you need. Overcoming this maze, the ball lands on the catapult that moves it straight to the finish line-bells, blow by which means the end of the path. This game is perfect for both single player and playing with friends, competing for a while - especially for this set includes a timer. During the game, the child will develop the skill and ingenuity, as well as get a lot of positive emotions! Included with the game is 2 balls, so do not worry that the child will lose the ball and not be able to play. You can also play together simultaneously two balls, catching up with each other. The playing field has dimensions 31h25,5sm, which means that it is large enough and still fit in a child on the table for a comfortable game.



Николай, 26.10.2013
Благодарим Вас за положительный отзыв!! Рады стараться для таких позитивных клиентов :)
Татьяна, 26.10.2013
Очень довольны покупкой!) Игра - отличная и ребёнку понравилась и взрослые вспомнили своё детство. Спасибо за приятное сотрудничество!)
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