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Hatchimals: Pingvi in egg # 1
(Code: SM19100/6028874)

Price: 2509.00 UAH
Manufacturer: Spin Master
Age: from 5 years old
Not available
Hatchimals: Pingvi in egg # 1 Hatchimals: Pingvi in egg # 1 Hatchimals: Pingvi in egg # 1 Hatchimals: Pingvi in egg # 1 Hatchimals: Pingvi in egg # 1 Hatchimals: Pingvi in egg # 1 Hatchimals: Pingvi in egg # 1


Hatchimals - not just a toy, a hobby that helps the child learn about the world, contributes to the development of thinking and emotions, teaches responsibility and to learn to take care. This toy also includes a surprise - someone inside will be known only after hatching. Buying a toy-egg you have the opportunity to grow and nurture the unique pet - Pingvi! What color baby bird inside no one knows - in this lies a small element of surprise!
Life is a little Pingvi exciting and interesting: he learns to walk and talk. The first steps are very clumsy, and words reminiscent of babble. The more attention the child receives Pingvi, the more confident on his feet, the clearer it becomes and the wider question of its outlook. At the stage of "chick" at Pingvi exploring new games: happy nastuchit you tune or play a game of tag, and can be a predictor of personal (most importantly to be able to ask questions).

And if you want to go through the stages of development Hatchimal - has a reset button that will allow the child to return to the stage Pingvi "Little"

For children from 5 years old!



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Купила сынуле такую игрушку. Он в восторге. Купаемся без слез.
Замовляли у Полтаву, приїхала бракована (у Дракончика не було вух). Без питань замінили та за свій рахунок переслали назад браковану та прислали нову, щє й з маленьким подарунком. Дякую Вам хлопці, буду замовляти в вас щє, бо можно сміливо довіряти:)
Вчера вечера заказал (нужна была срочно), и сегодня уже привезли! Молодцы! Спасибо за отличный сервис!
Лучшая цена из всех магазинов что находила в интернете! Спасибо!