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Tank on the radio control "M1A1 ABRAMS»
(Code: 0811)

Price: 2659.00 UAH
Manufacturer: Hobby Engine
Age: from 5 years old
Country of manufacturer: Hong Kong
Type of radio-controlled model: The tanks
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екскаватор на радіокеруванні купити в Україні  Купити радіокеровану модель танка 0811 Купить игрушечный танк с бесплатной доставкой  Купити іграшковий танк з безкоштовною доставкою


Tank on the remote control "M1A1 ABRAMS» is a model of one of the most famous tanks in the world, an American Abrams tank. Army of the United States began its use even from the distant 1980 and since then its modifications have participated in many military campaigns around the world and ISTO in service at this time. Tank is very easy thanks to the convenient upravlyaet radio remote control, which is responsible not only for traffic management, but also allows you to control tower, the slope of the barrel, firing missiles or guns. Crawler enables the tank to easily overcome the terrain and high rises with a slope of 35 degrees, and powerful motors, one for each track, provide an opportunity to develop a decent speed. With convenient Aiming achieves high accuracy and realistic sounds and recoil added joy of the game. Realistic coloring model of the tank on the radio "M1A1 ABRAMS» consists not only of camouflage, making it inconspicuous among the vegetation, but also mimics the traces of spray and dirt on the sides of the tank and the rollers. Thus the tank from the company Hobby Engine is a wonderful model, and enjoy not only the children but also for adults, everyone loves military equipment and remote control toys is simply obliged to buy it in my collection! Also, fans of the tanks we offer several models of tanks on the radio.



Данил, 14.01.2014
Хорошая игрушка. Сыну очень нравится ганять по квартире на танке))
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