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Game set Chuggington «Railway maintenance"
(Code: LC54237)

Price: 709.00 UAH
Manufacturer: Tomy Chuggington
Age: from 3 years old
Country of manufacturer: United Kingdom
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Game set Chuggington «Railway maintenance" Game set Chuggington «Railway maintenance"


The real adventure cartoon characters "trains Chahinhtona" continue to excite fans and little heart at the same time huge dreamers! Favorite trains have long gained fame because they teach children to be true, kind, fun, sincere, open, ready to help at any time! An interesting subject for a real adventure and connoisseur difficult, but needed in the case of rail technology is a set of "inspection station". The toy is intended for children aged three years and, in fact, would be interesting for children and older people.

So welcome to the station Chahinhton town! The main goal of the game - to return trainee Wilson, what is not quite deftly performs tasks at the initial stages of the race. And Wilson rushes forward with enthusiasm and joy of passing the test again and again, gaining new skills and knowledge necessary! In order to carry out a detailed inspection station, baby, just click on the lever, and then fall down the platform - and you're done for planned maintenance locomotive or eliminate certain defects.

And now Wilson in perfect order! It is like a whirlwind, again starts to move in the usual way, delighting his little "technology-nalashtovuvacha"! The only thing: it is necessary to remember after each inspection to lower the platform in place to even inexperienced locomotive could easily and quickly rush to meet a mysterious adventure!

A set of "inspection station" is compatible with other toys series Chuggington. You can turn your home into a real railroad depot with lots of different characters, trains! Of course, to have such a station would be at home for the happiness of every child!

The kit toys is always smiling and so carefree locomotive Wilson ready for the game and help all around at any moment! The set is made of hypoallergenic plastic and metal.

Happy baby smile - is something for which every family living! Give children positive, and with it the highest-quality toys! Buy the best!



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