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How to Train Your Dragon 2: Set of dragon and fighting vehicle
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Manufacturer: Spin Master
Age: from 4 years old
Country of manufacturer: Canada
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Heroes continue to fight evil and to please their young owners of new victories! In stock, new figures of dragons, which overcome all the problems and obstacles, as well as fight horrible machines made evil Drago! By cars are a great danger, but deal with it within reach of all, without exception, to the heroes. Dragons so much power and strength of will that can only envy!

Dragon figurine Bezzubik black, making a terrible and invincible hero. The length of the dragon seven centimeters. The height of the combat vehicle around six centimeters.

No less interesting is the figure of the dragon Krivoklyka it red. This character is not so terrible as Bezzubik, but not as simple as it seems. Red-the color of fire and flame, it is such a character has a dragon. Height toys about two inches away from wing to wing - nine. The length of the combat vehicle that must be overcome in a dangerous battle, about ten centimeters.

Two-headed dragon Boar and Leopard also hastens toward adventure, trying to fight the evil Drago and he created the technique. Color matches the color of the dragon life - green! The length of the double-headed fighter for justice five centimeters. Height enemy vehicle - ten centimeters.

And, of course, the most difficult mission gets stronger! It was such a favorite of Icking - Dragon Bezzubik. Includes toys represented the most dangerous and terrible car is equipped with firing charges! Length fearless Bezzubik six centimeters, the car that you want to defeat and destroy - six centimeters.

All toy kits are made from high quality plastic company SpinMaster. They would be the perfect gift for children aged four years and older. On all issues of availability, discounts on merchandise, you can always contact our online consultant. Delivery in Ukraine Ukrpost free. Hurry to order figurines of characters from the beloved cartoon "How to Train Your Dragon" and give a lot of pleasure to your baby!



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