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DesignaFriend: Doll Sofia
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Age: from 3 years old
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DesignaFriend: Doll Sofia DesignaFriend: Doll Sofia DesignaFriend: Doll Sofia


Before you - a charming doll Sofia DesignaFriend.

This lovely blue-eyed doll will be your best friend the Princess! Sofia has a chic long and thick hair, which can be installed in any style: can be as simple doll comb and braid it, such as "spike". Hair doll is so pleasant to the touch and easy to fit into a hairstyle that I want to experiment with different images of Isabella again and again! In order that would make the luxury styling you can use any aids: hair curlers, heated hair rollers, ironing and other convenient means. And using bright elastics and barrettes, not only to strengthen and secure the hair, but also to decorate it.

Doll Sofia from DesignaFriend - a sample of style and beauty. Each of the dolls brand has soft outlines of the figures, a stunningly beautiful face with "glowing" eyes, fine clothes and stylish shoes are made of quality materials. Besides the cute doll, the kit includes a beautiful bracelet for girls and diary entries and sketches for fashion-dresses of the young ladies.

Sofia DesignaFriend Doll packed in a presentable big pink box of papyrus paper. About this gift of dream of every girl!

DesignaFriend Dolls are very easy to care for them. To clean the doll's hair is enough to perform a series of simple manipulations:

1.Remove the doll all the clothes and accessories. Wrap the doll's body in a towel
2.Fill the basin, which will wash the doll hair with warm water.
3.Holding the doll face up, wash your hair soft dummy means (shampoo for wigs, baby shampoo or any other mild shampoo) are not snarling them.
4.Gently squeeze the water out of the hair
5.For softer, further doll's hair can be treated with hair conditioner
6.Thoroughly rinse hair with clean water. Wring out the water and soak your hands clean moisture with a soft towel.
7.Leave to dry hair.
8.Once hair is dry, gently comb the doll. If the hair is combed with difficulty - they can moisten.
In order to doll's hair longer kept neat and well-groomed appearance is not tangled, each time after the game they need to comb and preferably braided.

The doll is made of quality materials and is designed for children from 3 years old.

For the manufacture of hair doll was used high quality nylon.


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