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Nikel neocube
(Code: HL-NC011)

Price: 189.00 UAH
Manufacturer: Neocube
Age: from 11 years old
Country of manufacturer: China
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Купить настоящий неокуб Украина Купити справжній неокуб Україна магнитный конструктор neocube с бесплатной доставкой магнітний конструктор neocube з безкоштовною доставкою


Original neokub again in Ukraine! We are pleased to present a constructor that can be called, without exaggeration, the designer of the future. A set of 216 magnetic beads with a diameter of 5 mm will allow you to build a variety of different shapes. Playing with the designer develops fine motor skills, spatial imagination and calms the nerves. Neokub is a favorite designer of not only children but also adults.

We sell only genuine designer Neocube, and not one of its many imitations. The paint on our NeoKub oblezet not, as it is made in three layers, and when playing with fake a week later all the paint will remain in your hands. Some manufacturers sin that instead of magnetic beads enclose bearings due to this compound in a line constructor does not withstand the weight, and the chain is terminated. Our neokub devoid of flaws and is capable of holding not only your weight, but also the extra weight on, which confirms the quality of its magnets. This neokub very slowly loses its magnetic properties, and even after 50 years will be as good as the magnet now. If you want to buy neokub is better place than our online shop you will not find! For easy storage designer packed in a special metal jar with a soft covering. In addition, you can buy Neocube in such colors: Silver, Black, Gold.

IMPORTANT! The toy is not intended for children under 11 years and the prohibition for children under 3 years, due to the danger of swallowing small parts.



Кристина, 12.01.2014
Подарила такой конструктор ребенку, очень понравился всей семье, играем по очереди.
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Купила сынуле такую игрушку. Он в восторге. Купаемся без слез.
Замовляли у Полтаву, приїхала бракована (у Дракончика не було вух). Без питань замінили та за свій рахунок переслали назад браковану та прислали нову, щє й з маленьким подарунком. Дякую Вам хлопці, буду замовляти в вас щє, бо можно сміливо довіряти:)
Вчера вечера заказал (нужна была срочно), и сегодня уже привезли! Молодцы! Спасибо за отличный сервис!
Лучшая цена из всех магазинов что находила в интернете! Спасибо!